Bow Horn Bay Fire Department


You may be entitled to lower home insurance rates if you live within the Bow Horn Bay Fire Protection District, and your address falls within eligibility requirements.


Together with seven fire departments within District 69, Bow Horn Bay Fire Department successfully received Superior Tanker Shuttle accreditation for their fire protection boundaries.  This accreditation provides a reasonable equivalency to a municipal hydrant system and can result in fire-related insurance benefits to rural property owners within our area.


This accreditation can result in fire-related insurance benefits to rural property owners within these recognition areas.  Within the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), several rural areas are not connected to municipal water supplies and rely on alternative water sources for firefighting, including Electoral Areas E, F, G and H.


The Superior Tanker Shuttle Service is a process of shuttling water using mobile water supply apparatus such as fire department tankers from fire hydrants and alternative water supply points to the fire site.  To achieve the accreditation, the fire department had to demonstrate that they could transport water from static water supplies or fire hydrants and maintain a flow of 1,000 litres per minute for two hours.  Over the course of the two-days testing, each fire department used pumper trucks and water tender trucks to haul water from designated water supply sites to mock fire locations to demonstrate capabilities to qualify  for accreditation.