Bow Horn Bay Fire Department


We live in an area considered a "high smoke sensitivity zone" and any outdoor burning requires us to follow the Venting Index.  The Venting Index reflects the potential of the atmosphere to disperse smoke and other pollutants. The Ventilation Index ranges from 0 to 100, as summarized in this table: 

Ventilation Index

Ventilation Category

0 - 33


34 - 54


55 - 100


The Venting Index must register as "GOOD" (55-100) in order to burn.  "GOOD" means the smoke is more likely to disperse; "POOR" indicates that the pollution is more likely to hang or drop to lower elevations.   It is the combination of ventilation forecast and smoke sensitivity zone at your location that determines if you can burn and for how long.

An automated telephone service that provides information about the ventilation index can be reached by dialing 1-888-281-2992 (toll-free).  

Click on the link below to find out today's Venting Index, our area is listed as: CNTRL VAN ISLD